Lunes, Setyembre 10, 2012


More than two years ago towards the supposed culmination of Zip's collegiate life, a lot of mishaps took place. Failing a major subject during his final semester was the most disheartening of all which caused the delay of his graduation for another year, the end of his lovelife back then, the broken hearts of his family, and the nosedive of his confidence. 

And for someone afflicted with a series of failures and disappointments, to live life on the safe side is very enticing. Filled with promises of being secured against failures and pain, and of being sheltered with all the comforts, it seems to be the only place to go.  Eventually, Zip succumbed to the temptation and has lived his life within his comfort zone since then.

Being on the safe side, life got easier for Zip. The security and comfort were being fulfilled as promised. There was nothing major to worry about. He was stress-free indeed. Everything was working well for him perfectly for a while. But as people always say, nothing is perfect. 

Little by little, he came to realize how he got blinded by all the good things handed out to him. Sure, Zip was getting all the comfort he wants but not the growth that he needs. The truth is that the safe side is a very dangerous place to be. It is where people are moving on but not really moving forward. And being on the safe side was Zip's plea for temporary relief and sanity.

A month ago, Zip finally returned to his senses and began detaching himself from the safe side. Slowly but surely, he was taking the big shift and making his own way of finding his own place. In a week's time, he'll be so far away from his comfort zone and nobody knows what's waiting for him out there. But it's the risk he's willing to take as he moves forward to a much meaningful life.

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lets go zip!!!!! super love the new bahay! hihi!

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